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Face masks now available!

As I understand there is a need for face masks at the moment, so I have decided to make fabric face masks for a very reasonable price. A fabric face mask is more comfortable and more economical than the one use face masks. The face masks I make have an insert for a filter, this could be a piece of kitchen paper, oven paper or vacuum cleaner bag. The masks ties with laces on the back of your head, making it a good fit for everyone and more comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. After using the mask, you can throw out the filter (or wash depending what you choose to use) and simply wash the mask and reuse!

I make them in fun designs and colors. If you donĀ“t see any you like let me know what you are looking for!!

I have also made a smaller size for children, because the adult one was too big for my daughters. Of course also in fun designs!!!

If you wish to order more than 3 masks, please contact me, discount applies of course!

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